Fix Your Credit, Buy A House

Many aspiring real estate investors or first-time homebuyers never get off the ground because of less-than-perfect (or straight up bad) credit.

Even if they do, stricter lending guidelines and policies thanks in large part to the mortgage meltdown five years ago make it hard to borrow money even with average credit. The good news is there many ways to improve your credit scores, some as simple as making a few phone calls.

In other words, there is simply no need to be held back by an imperfect credit report.

If you want to dive into distressed real estate investment and need financing to do it, we’re here to help you get there. Even if you have a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy on your report, there are things you can do now to prepare you to get back in the game.

The August 2012 edition of’s free educational newsletter, “Investment Exchange,” is now available, which features everything from free tips to figure out and then repair your credit scores to an exciting webinar opportunity to whip your credit score into shape in a hurry.

Articles include:

Don’t use a low credit score as an excuse. Educate yourself, fix the flaws and refuse to let anything stand in between you and real estate riches.

This is an historic moment in time to buy the house of your dreams at a fraction of its cost. Furthermore, if you’ve ever been interested in investing or flipping distressed real estate, the amazing opportunities that exist right now to get serious skin in the game cannot be understated. That journey begins today, with you fixing your credit and chasing down the investment(s) of a lifetime.

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Hi Fives! Real Estate Investing Education Hits Milestone

Happy Birthday to the Education Department, which celebrates its five-year anniversary this month (June 2012).

What started as an ambitious idea, considering the nationwide housing market was showing major signs of fracture back in 2007, has evolved into a tremendous resource that helps people learn to make serious cash investing in distressed real estate throughout the United States.

Whether it’s informational articles, online webinars, comprehensive training courses and even one-on-one mentoring, the education department has something for everyone.

Even if you’re just looking to land a great real estate deal, we tell you all about how to go about doing that on the cheap, too.

The June 2012 edition of’s free educational newsletter, “Investment Exchange,” is now available, which honors the education department’s five-year anniversary. In that spirit, we’re going to talk in “fives” this month.

Articles include:

You’re just steps away from becoming a smashing real estate success … and we’re showing you how right here, right now.

Let’s get cracking!

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Find The Best Foreclosure Deals Before The Growing Competition

The real estate market is really heating up.

Indeed, the temperature is rising along with interest among first-time buyers and investors. It’s fantastic news for investors who’ve been sitting on properties, waiting for a better time to sell; however, it may not be the greatest news for the investors who got used to having all the time in the world to make their dream deals happen.

Those days are behind us. If you want to score a hot real estate deal, you have to act fast to beat out the competition. The key to coming out on top is being prepared and being proactive.

The May 2012 edition of’s free educational newsletter, “Investment Exchange,” is now available, which is filled with several common-sense tactics for real estate investment preparation, as well as how can help improve your chances of landing the property of your dreams before someone else beats you to it.

Articles include:

Competition among real estate buyers and investors is heating up, which means that the days of waiting for the best deal to land in your lap are all but over. The good news is that you have the ability and resources to still score the deal of a lifetime.

And the competition won’t know what hit them.

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Real Estate Investing Tips For Spring 2012

Believe it or not, but we’re already more than one-quarter complete with 2012. It’s high time we ask: How are those New Year’s resolutions panning out?

It wouldn’t be shocking if they are dead in the water. Life kind of — and often does — get in the way of making good on dreams and goals, especially when they’re not something that comes natural like cracking into real estate investing.

However, we’re here to pass along a friendly reminder that resolutions will only stick if you keep at them. And money investing in real estate investing can only be made, well, if you make the initial investment.

The good news is there (still) has never been a better time than right now to get in the game.

Short sales and foreclosures offer opportunities every which way you turn: For buyers, it can mean mega-profits, while for homeowners, it may be a way out of dire financial situations that have been holding them back.

The April 2012 edition of’s free educational newsletter, “Investment Exchange,” is now available, which is loaded with all kinds of resources to get you, your credit and your distressed real estate investment career back on track.

Articles include:

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The foreclosure crisis 2012 silver lining: Great real estate deals, investors paradise

The national mortgage crisis has certainly taken its toll on the United States economy.

From one coast to the other, the effects have been pervasive and far-reaching. People have lost their homes. Banks are now being held accountable for unfair foreclosures. Real estate investors, agents and brokers have been forced to change their tack or get lost in the shuffle.

But, it’s not all bad news.

First, the government has stepped up and is pledging to correct the flaws in the mortgage industry that allowed the mortgage crisis to occur in the first place. Second, ordinary people have a new and relatively low-risk way to invest their money and make a far greater return than with virtually any other investment of comparable risk. Distressed real estate can be bought at a fraction of market value, which means tremendous financial growth potential for investors.

In addition, investing in distressed real estate is the only way to reinvigorate the market and balance out supply and demand. Therefore, by getting involved you can not only make serious money, but also do your part to stabilize the economy.

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