Former NBA Lottery Pick, Robert Swift, Refuses To Vacate Run-Down Seattle Foreclosed Home


The taller they are, the longer they fall.

Robert Swift — a 7’1″ former National Basketball Association (NBA) center for the Seattle SuperSonics — is holed up in his suburban Seattle, Wash., home, refusing to vacate the property even though it was recently purchased at a foreclosure auction for about half the price he originally paid for it, according to

He has about one week to leave or he will be forcibly removed by the King County Sheriff’s Office.

If the news report is any indication, Swift is in no hurry to pack up and get gone. He was reportedly sound asleep when reporters seeking comment appeared (twice) on his doorstep, which is littered with empty beer cans and a sign on the front door that warns, “Danger Men Drinking.” A bullet hole in a garage window, as well as cars in the driveway “that don’t look like they’ve moved in a long time” only add to to seemingly sad situation.

Swift — a first round NBA lottery pick (No. 12) in 2004 — skipped college, entering the league direct from high school. He played three seasons with the SuperSonics before moving on to Oklahoma City during the 2008-2009 campaign before he could no longer cut it on the professional circuit. In the years that followed, Swift attempted to resurrect his career in the NBA Developmental League and then, most recently, in Japan as a member of the Tokyo Apache.

He reportedly earned about $20 million throughout his professional basketball career.

Jamal Anderson: ‘Dirty Bird’ House In Atlanta Sold In Foreclosure Auction

Retired National Football League (NFL) running back, Jamal Anderson, recently lost his 10-bedroom, 12-bathroom luxury home in Atlanta, Ga., in a foreclosure auction, according to

Anderson purchased that mansion for $1.25 million back in 1999, which was at the height of his success on the gridiron. In fact, it was around the same time he helped the Atlanta Falcons to its first Super Bowl in franchise history against the Denver Broncos. Anderson — who led the conference in rushing that year with more than 1,800 yards — picked up 96 yards on the ground in a losing effort (34-19).

After a seven-year career, the “Dirty Bird” hung up the pads in 2001 after suffering a serious knee injury.

Anderson has gone on to become a football analyst on television, often appearing on ESPN and other major networks. He has also had a public battle with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) since his retirement, as well as brushes with the law that include suspicion of cocaine possession and Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

In 2007, Anderson and his now-foreclosed “crib,” which the bank unloaded for $225,000 less than what he paid for it more than a decade ago, were featured on MTV. Video of Anderson’s MTV “Cribs” episode is below.

White House Replica in Haymarket, Va., Fetches $865,000 In Foreclosure Auction

It’s not located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but this White House in Haymarket, Va., boasts a “flair” very similar to the real McCoy.

And it could have all been yours for $865,001 at a recent foreclosure auction. recently passed along a report that the 15,000 sq. ft. fixer-upper, which needs a “total rehab,” was sold to the highest bidder for more than a half-million less than its original asking price of $1.445 million from earlier this year. The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion, which sits on more than 10 acres in the prestigious Piedmont Riding Club, was built in 2007.

That’s right around the same time the national housing market began its fiery crash, and it’s most likely the reason such a presidential, “brand new luxurious custom-built” palace is now described as a “fixer-upper.” No details were available about the seller, buyer or whether or not its been sitting vacant for nearly five years.

Here’s is what we do know (via

“Western White House in The Piedmont Riding Club! This home is over 15000SF on 10 Acres which boasts 6 Bedrooms, 7 Full Baths & 6 Fireplaces. Multi Tiered Balconies and Terraces over look expansive Wooded Treed Lot. Bank of America Foreclosure. This Property needs a Total REHAB and is Sold Strictly ‘AS IS.'”

For the sake of comparison, the actual 16-bedroom, 35-bathroom White House in Washington, D.C., that houses Barack Obama and his family (pending the results of the upcoming 2012 election, of course) is worth about $110 million and will most likely never hit the auction block.

We hope.

To check out more pics of the recently-sold White House replica in Virginia check out a complete photos gallery right here.

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