Foreclosure relief from IRS

Foreclosure relief from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service — the nation’s tax collection agency — recently announced that its Web site will now feature a section dedicated to helping distressed homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

This new addition includes a worksheet to help homeowners determine whether any of the foreclosure-related relief provisions apply to them. In addition, the site also provides a form for homeowners who owe additional tax to request a payment agreement with the IRS.

Keep in mind that these are not new programs or policies.

On the contrary, the IRS has long provided relief provisions that can often reduce or eliminate the tax bite for “financially-strapped” borrowers who lose their homes.

Now with the new section it just makes it easier to access this important tax relief information.

So are you eligible for assistance? Consider the following:

“Under the tax law, if the debt wiped out through foreclosure exceeds the value of the property, the difference is normally taxable income. But a special rule allows insolvent borrowers to offset that income to the extent their liabilities exceed their assets. The IRS cautions that under the law, relief may be limited or unavailable in some situations where, for example, part or all of a home was ever used for business or rented out.”

For more information head over to or contact the local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) in your area and speak with a representative direct about your tax issue.

Real estate forum now on

fdcforum.gif now features a forum on its award-winning Web site.

That means that you can now discuss the latest real estate-related topics with experts, agents, brokers and other likeminded investors.

“It’s a real estate community that we plan to pack with useful information,” said Stephen Chip, Creative Director. “It’s a space where people can come and ask questions or just pick-up useful information and apply it to their investments.”

The forum allows first-time homeowners and experienced investors alike to share their real estate investing experiences and learn from one another. In addition, it will facilitate the transfer of knowledge among peers and minimize the amount of time investors spend on research.

“The forum is a great place to find a contractor, for example, in a certain area,” said Chip. “Other forum visitors can recommend a company to do the work based on previous experiences. That’s just one very small benefit of an extremely beneficial real estate resource.”

Bookmark it right now,” concluded Chip.

The forum is new and will grow over time with the continued participation of our visitors.

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to the real estate forum right now. Click here.

Be wary of foreclosure misspellings


Ooops! Often our site visitors tell us that it is easy to misspell the word “foreclosure” in

And we tell them: It happens all the time, just don’t make a habit out of it!

Here’s an example:

“Recently I was looking for’s Web site on Google and misspelled the word ‘foreclosure.’ I spelled it ‘foerclosure.’ Initially looking at the search results I did not find the Web site in the list.”

This is a common problem — users going through search engines accidentally mistyping our name and getting a whole bunch of junk Web sites that want to take our traffic and put up arbitrage Web sites.

Therefore, this post will spell out (literally) all of the top misspellings we have found for the foreclosure-related search terms. Hopefully, users will be directed to this post and be able to move to more smoothly than going through an Adsense arbitrage Web site (i.e. Web sites that use Google Adsense to make money by people clicking the Google ads).

Here is the list:

forclosure, forclosures, foreclosurs, foerclosures, foerclosure, forclosed homes, forcloser, forecloser, forclosers, foreclosers, foreclosre

After misspelling a search term, Google often provides the proper spelling at the top of the search results (Ex: Did you mean: foreclosures).

However, we have found through experience users do not want to click this link because the search results are already in front of them. Furthermore, Internet surfers often do not want to “waste” time clicking on the suggested term to perform another search.

And that’s not good. There are several sites out there that cannot be trusted. Take the time to click on the correct link — because a safe, reliable site would not operate a site with a misspelled name.

It’s all just a ruse from crooked site operators to swindle you out of hard-earned money.

If you have any further examples of foreclosure misspellings or any thoughts on Google Adsense arbitrage please comment below. We are eager to start a discussion on this topic so that we can help Internet users find the information that they need.

The correct information.

Flip Foreclosures on the Internet


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Success with foreclosure properties


With a circulation of more than 3.4 million, TIME is the pre-eminent news magazine in the nation. It’s is also the most trusted source in the industry, presenting the top news stories of the day and current events from around the globe since 1923.

So when TIME approached about an upcoming real estate story on market volatility, we decided to put them in touch with one of our many successful customers.

We can talk about the incredible opportunities available on our Web site all day long. Sometimes, however, it’s more effective to have a firsthand account from a budding entrepreneur.

And that’s what subscriber, John Meade, provided in this article.

Here’s a snip:

“John Mead, a teacher in Calhoun, Ga., paid $120,000 for the three-bedroom house he found on a solid $40,000 less than similar offers he was considering from people not as desperate to sell. (Don’t feel guilty about buying a foreclosure; it helps move inventory.)”

Our customer service department is inundated with similar accounts. In fact, we often encourage our subscribers to share their investment success stories here.

Not all of the testimonials, unfortunately, get to grace the pages of TIME. However, you can win several cool prizes … how does a $500 gift card sound? Click here.

Remember that offers a FREE 7-Day Trial, which provides complete access to more than 1.2 million distressed real estate listings throughout the nation.

Therefore, if you don’t have a successful investment experience to pass along today … go get one!