Former NBA Lottery Pick, Robert Swift, Refuses To Vacate Run-Down Seattle Foreclosed Home


The taller they are, the longer they fall.

Robert Swift — a 7’1″ former National Basketball Association (NBA) center for the Seattle SuperSonics — is holed up in his suburban Seattle, Wash., home, refusing to vacate the property even though it was recently purchased at a foreclosure auction for about half the price he originally paid for it, according to

He has about one week to leave or he will be forcibly removed by the King County Sheriff’s Office.

If the news report is any indication, Swift is in no hurry to pack up and get gone. He was reportedly sound asleep when reporters seeking comment appeared (twice) on his doorstep, which is littered with empty beer cans and a sign on the front door that warns, “Danger Men Drinking.” A bullet hole in a garage window, as well as cars in the driveway “that don’t look like they’ve moved in a long time” only add to to seemingly sad situation.

Swift — a first round NBA lottery pick (No. 12) in 2004 — skipped college, entering the league direct from high school. He played three seasons with the SuperSonics before moving on to Oklahoma City during the 2008-2009 campaign before he could no longer cut it on the professional circuit. In the years that followed, Swift attempted to resurrect his career in the NBA Developmental League and then, most recently, in Japan as a member of the Tokyo Apache.

He reportedly earned about $20 million throughout his professional basketball career.

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