The foreclosure crisis 2012 silver lining: Great real estate deals, investors paradise

The national mortgage crisis has certainly taken its toll on the United States economy.

From one coast to the other, the effects have been pervasive and far-reaching. People have lost their homes. Banks are now being held accountable for unfair foreclosures. Real estate investors, agents and brokers have been forced to change their tack or get lost in the shuffle.

But, it’s not all bad news.

First, the government has stepped up and is pledging to correct the flaws in the mortgage industry that allowed the mortgage crisis to occur in the first place. Second, ordinary people have a new and relatively low-risk way to invest their money and make a far greater return than with virtually any other investment of comparable risk. Distressed real estate can be bought at a fraction of market value, which means tremendous financial growth potential for investors.

In addition, investing in distressed real estate is the only way to reinvigorate the market and balance out supply and demand. Therefore, by getting involved you can not only make serious money, but also do your part to stabilize the economy.

The February 2012 edition of’s free educational newsletter, “Investment Exchange,” is now available, which details the silver lining of the foreclosure mess, in particular, how you can make the best out of a bad situation.

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This month, we’re talking about foreclosures and preforeclosures and what you need to know to get involved. Isn’t it about time your investments started paying off? Perhaps more important, isn’t about time you finally got in the game?

Stop dreaming, start profiting.

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