Will.i.am appears on ‘Oprah,’ saves two families from foreclosure

will.i.am — a founding member of the six-time Grammy Award-winning hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas — doesn’t claim to be “mega crazy rich,” but that didn’t stop him from helping two random families avoid foreclosure.

All told, will.i.am put up $350,000 of his own money on a recent tearful episode of “Oprah,” ensuring that a family of eight, The Eller’s, as well as a single mother, Alycia Allgood, keep roofs over their heads for the foreseeable future.

Indeed, both homes are now completely paid off, which is more than likely the best news the cash-strapped families have heard in a very long time.

As for will.i.am, it’s a selfless gesture that is close to his heart:

“I remember when I was 11, I told my mom, ‘One day I’m going to buy you a house.’ And she said, ‘Boy, don’t you be making promises you can’t keep.’ I was like: ‘No, Ma, it’s not a promise. I’m going to buy you a house one day.’ I accomplished the dream, and then my next dream was I want to move my grandma and my aunt. So I was saving and waiting for the right time…. Now that I can take care of my family, I don’t want to just stop with my own. I don’t dream to be like mega crazy rich. I just want to be able to create, make music and help people when they need it…. If you bring people together who have big hearts and [are] caring, they can make a difference and help America’s problem out.”

It’s a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of the nationwide foreclosure epidemic. Nonetheless, it hopefully inspires others in similar financial situations to help out struggling homeowners.

will.i.am doesn’t intend to stop with the Eller’s and Allgood’s — He’s created a new i.am home fund, which “hopes to raise enough money to save more people from foreclosure,” according to Oprah.com.

To learn more about i.am home, as well as to watch the episode of will.i.am saving the day (literally) on “Oprah,” click here.


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