How to start a real estate investing business


Make big money with real estate — even in a slow housing market and talk of a recession — with expert guidance from industry guru, Damian Lanfranchi.

Damian is the mastermind behind a proprietary automated deal-generating technology, which is being used by real estate investors to get the hottest deals with no work in all 50 states, as well as Canada, New Zealand and parts of France!

Now Damian is ready to show you exactly how this is being done and the simple switch you can flip to automate your entire real estate investing business once and for all.

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This course will cover:

  • Getting instant credibility as an investor (even if you’ve never done a deal)
  • The BIG miss 96 percent of investors make when it comes to how to use the Internet to get deals (you can literally destroy your chances of success before you even start!)
  • Capturing the most motivated buyer and seller leads before your competition
  • How to follow up with leads until they become deals (without doing any of the work)
  • The secret to pre-selling homeowners so you can turn fast “Done-For-You” deals
  • How to instantly increase your closing rate every time you sit down to the table (even if you hate sales)
  • Why investors lose tens of thousands of dollars miscalculating deal profits (and how you can never make this costly mistake again)

This is a potentially life-changing learning experience that will introduce you to a proven system you can use to make it big … and stay big.

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