Williams and Williams real estate auctions booming

Foreclosure Auction

Foreclosures are mounting, forcing major lenders and other financial institutions to call in reinforcements to help them move their real estate inventory as quickly as possible.

Williams & Williams — among the top auctioneers of real estate in the world — is on speed dial. The Oklahoma-based operation is working overtime with industry powerhouses such as Fannie Mae to market and sell Real Estate Owned (REO) homes nationwide.

In fact, Bloomberg.com today has an extensive feature on the involvement of Williams & Williams and its critical roll in getting the housing market moving again. In fact, according to the article, the company intends to “triple its peak sales to 10,000 houses a month this year.”

That’s great news for bargain shoppers in all corners of the United States — foreclosures are hot and getting hotter.

Here is a snip from Williams & Williams Chairman and CEO, Dean Williams, on the value of buying distressed real estate:

“We’re creating values beyond just short-term profit. Those values, we feel, are efficiency, transparency, competition, stewardship…. Our focus is much longer than prices going up or down, even in a crisis of this magnitude.”

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