Donald Trump house sold in Palm Beach Florida for record $100 million


Cue ABBA because real estate mogul Donald Trump is about to pocket a whole lot more money, money, money.

Trump possibly set a record today with the most expensive single-family home ever sold with a price tag of more than $100 million (he came down from $125 million) for his renovated 6.5 acre Palm Beach, Fla., mansion.

He originally paid $41 million for the property four years ago and hired Kendra Todd at the conclusion of “The Apprentice” to oversee a $25 million renovation project.

According to several reports, the nine bedroom 62,000 sq. ft. palace boasts marble bathrooms with 24-carat gold fixtures, a 48-car garage, 100-foot long pool, conservatory and 475 feet of ocean front property.

However, the new owner — billionaire and Russian fertilizer tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev — has no immediate plans to live in his new home. In fact, he may tear it all down to subdivide the land.


  1. Dmitry does no the value at this price. I am from Ukraine, Kiev and I know a bit about real estate. You can build more homes but you can not make more waterfront land!
    The value is the the land! He can Recycle everything else in the house.
    I sell a lot of home on East cost/Seacoast area and I know that to find a nice lot is not easy.

  2. The Donald? Wow =)

  3. nice villa 😀

  4. omg, he has a big home

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